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The Regulatory Policy Institute (RPI) is an independent, charitable organisation dedicated to the study of regulation and deregulation.

The Regulatory Policy Institute occupies a unique position in the field of regulatory studies:

  • it is dedicated to the study of regulation in general, for the public benefit;
  • it is a source of independent, authoritative analysis of regulatory policy problems and issues; and
  • it offers a forum or 'marketplace' for discussion and debate which is detached from the political, administrative and legal contexts in which exchanges frequently take place.

The maintenance and development of this position depends upon support received from individuals and organisations, in all parts of the world, who are interested in contributing to the evolution of more effective public policies.


Corporate Membership categories provide for varying degrees of participation in activities and potentially encompasses all members of the relevant organisaion. Please contact Julia Gibert.

Individual Membership is available to students, academics, the retired, and those who are not affiliated with an organisation subject to regulatory processes.

Research funding

The Institute welcomes commissions to undertake specific projects on aspects of regulatory policy, as well as grants and funding in support of self-initiated research programmes. See the Research pages for further information.


Also welcome is sponsorship for particular activities, such as:

  • The Hertford Seminars in Regulation and occasional seminars;
  • Conferences, including the annual Oxford Competition Policy Conference;
  • Publications, including the Essays and Studies series, as well as individual studies, monographs and books.

The Institute owes its existence to an initial set of benefactions, which provided the resources to develop the original concept. Benefactions have the particular advantage of supporting more innovative developments in research and in other activities.

New activities

The Institute is always keen to talk to potential supporters who have ideas about new activities that might contribute to its overall objectives.