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The Regulatory Policy Institute (RPI) is an independent, charitable organisation dedicated to the study of regulation and deregulation.
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The EEA Agreement: the key to a simplified Brexit process?


Alternatives to wooden headedness: (much) less costly ways of regulating carbon emissions , George Yarrow, Beesley lecture, November 2013.

Regulation: current issues and challenges, George Yarrow, NZ Commerce Commission Conference: Competition Matters, Wellington, October, 2013.

RPI response to the Ministry of Justice review of legal services, George Yarrow, 2013


Review of appeals mechanisms for Australia’s electricity and gas networks: Stage One Report


Innovation, competition and de-politicised regulation: the only way to bring down the cost of renewables? George Yarrow's presentation to the Scotsman conference on “The economics of renewables: will green energy leave Scotland in the red?” Edinburgh, 13 December 2011.

On the discovery and assessment of economic evidence in competition law, Chris Decker and George Yarrow, RPI, Studies in Regulation: New Series, December 2011

Airport-Airline Relationships and Contracts: a Proposal and Market definition and market power in the airport sector: competition from outside the relevant market, Dr David Starkie, Letters and Notes on Regulation, RPI, December 2011.

EMR: complementing or substituting for market processes?, George Yarrow, Energy Forum, London, October 2011.

RIIO Economics: Examining the economics underlying Ofgem’s new regulatory framework, Dr Cloda Jenkins, Florence School of Regulation Working Paper, June 2011.

Response to the Electricity Market Reform Consultation, George Yarrow, RPI, March 2011.


Competition law as a tool in regulated sectors, Ofgem seminar, Professor George Yarrow, December 2010.

RPI review of Guernsey's utility regulatory regime, a report for Commerce and Employment, Professor George Yarrow & Dr Christopher Decker, October 2010.

Understanding the economic rationale for legal services regulation, Chris Decker and George Yarrow, Report for the Legal Services Board. October 2010. See also the March 2011 response, published by the Legal Services Board, Essays on the economics of legal services reform.

Assessment of the existing electricity transmission network frameworks in the National Electricity Market and options for change, Chris Decker, Simon Less and George Yarrow, Report for the Australian Energy Market Commission, forthcoming.

Learning from experience: what works well, and what doesn’t work well, in achieving security of supply in electricity, George Yarrow, Policy Exchange, Birmingham, October 2010 (Speech).

Electricity sector governance in the UK, George Yarrow, Toronto, June 2010 (Presentation).

Why competition? 250 years of learning and forgetting in political economy, George Yarrow, Westminster, March 2010 (Presentation)

Security of supply: general issues and implications for the water sector , George Yarrow (Paper)

Three big energy problems we need to crack, Parliamentary Brief, 7 January 2010, George Yarrow (available here)


Economics and the Enforcement of European Competition Law, Chris Decker, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2009 (hardback available from the publisher or as an eBook)

The role of academia in public policy, George Yarrow, prepared for conference on infrastructure investment, University of Aston. (Paper)

Airport ownership in the UK: can the proposed divestiture be expected to have major effects on competition and performance? George Yarrow, Hamburg (Presentation)