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The Regulatory Policy Institute (RPI) is an independent, charitable organisation dedicated to the study of regulation and deregulation.
Publications Archive

Discovering the value of water, George Yarrow, XVIII Beesley Lectures, October 2008 (Presentation).

What do today’s regulators and regulatees need to know?, Keynote address, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Regulatory Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland, July 2008 (Presentation)

Environmental issues in the regulation of energy. The UK’s renewable energy strategy: the return of the central planners?, George Yarrow, ACCC conference, Queensland, July 2008 (Presentation)

Known unknowns: competition, discovery and the limitations of cost benefit analysis, George Yarrow, Government Economic Service conference, July 2008 (Presentation)

Reflections on policy issues raised by next-generation access networks in communications, Chris Decker and George Yarrow, Report for Telstra in connection with proposals for the Australian national broadband network. June 2008 (report)

Competition in the provision of water services, Tony Appleyard, Chris Decker, Tim Keyworth and George Yarrow, prepared for Water UK, April 2008 (Report)

Assessment of competition at Stansted Airport David Starkie & George Yarrow, June 2008 (report). See also the Eillen Marshall and Colin Robinson comment commissioned by the Civil Aviation Authority on the Yarrow/Starkie assessment and on Competition Commission's Quinquennial Review: Assessment of Competition at Stansted Airport.

Report for the Australian Energy Markets Commission on the impact of maintaining price regulation George Yarrow, with the assistance of Christopher Decker and Timothy Keyworth, January 2008 (available here).

Toward an intelligent design for energy and environmental regulation, Tim Keyworth and George Yarrow (Report)


Energy Policy: A time to stop pretending? George Yarrow, XVII Beesley Lectures, Sept 2007 (Presentation)

Evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Regulators, George Yarrow, May 2007 (report)

Review of the Office of Fair Trading's Market Study of the Pharmaceutical Price Regulation SchemeTim Keyworth & George Yarrow, April 2007 (Full Report)

Obesity Issues and Public RegulationAn Essay in Regulation byTim Keyworth & George Yarrow, assisted by Karin Cheetham, April 2007 (Full Report)

Response to the preliminary consultation on reform of the renewables obligation (RO)Tim Keyworth & George Yarrow, January 2007 (Full Report)


Measuring and Managing the Costs of Red Tape: A Review of Recent Policy DevelopmentsTim Keyworth, Oxford Review of Economic Policy 2006 22: 260-273

Revising the Regulatory Impact Assessment: Response to the BRE consultationTim Keyworth & George Yarrow, October 2006 (Full Report)

Reverse eAuctions and NHS procurement, a report by Tim Keyworth and George Yarrow, March 2006 (Executive Summary, Full Report)

Political & Regulatory Risk, A report of the BGP (Better Government Programme of the RPI) Risk Commission, February 2006 (Summary, Full Report)

The role of economic analysis within Article 81, a presentation by George Yarrow to the Judicial Studies Board's Competition Law Course, 9-10 January 2006 (slides)


Economics of regulation, charging and other policy instruments with particular reference to farming, food and the agri-environment, by Tim Keyworth and George Yarrow, October 2005. A suppporting document for Defra's Partners for success - a farm regulation and charging strategy

RIAs of the national effects of the proposed Groundwater Directive: benchmarking project for the European Directors of Better Regulation, by George Yarrow and Tim Keyworth, 2005.

Review of the Manual for the OECD Red Tape Scoreboard Project. Report for the OECD Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development by Tim Keyworth, September 2005.

The Standard Cost Model and the measurement of Administrative Burdens. Report for the OECD Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development by Tim Keyworth and George Yarrow, March 2005.


Pilot study of a combined postal, telephone and structured interview methodology for assessing the impact on business of existing regulation: Final Report for the Cabinet Office, Regulatory Impact Unit. Report prepared by Tony Appleyard, Chris Decker, Tim Keyworth, Pavinder Samra, and George Yarrow, November 2004. (Report)

Evaluation of regulatory consultation and communications mechanisms by Chris Decker, Tim Keyworth and George Yarrow, for the OECD Public Governance Programme, 2004.

Regulation and market exchanges in a liberalised energy sector. A presentation by George Yarrow to the conference celebrating the fifth anniversary of APX, Amsterdam, 23 June 2004.


Study on the Implementation rules of economic regulation within the framework of the implementation of the Single European Sky: Final Report for the European Commission DG TREN, Report prepared by Christopher Decker, Alain Jeunemaitre, Tim Keyworth and George Yarrow, October 2003.

The changing dynamics of Europe's liberalizing energy markets: What taking the EC Treaty seriously means for the future. Presentation by George Yarrow at 'Sparks and Flames' Amsterdam, Dec 2003 (Slides)


The Journal of The Institute of Economic Affairs, Volume 22 No 4 (Dec 2002) (link to IEA site) was guest edited by George Yarrow and included the following contributions:

  • Innovation, Price Competition and the 'tilt' of Competition Policy, Irwin Stelzer
  • Competition Law and Commodity Markets: The Case of Wholesale Electricity Chris Decker, Tim Keyworth
  • The Competition Commission Inquiry into SME banking, Peter Freeman

Trading arrangements, contracts and market power in wholesale electricity supply. Presentation by George Yarrow, ATOM seminar, Sorbonne, Paris, 3rd December 2002

The Regulation of Radioactive Waste Management in the UK, by Tim Keyworth, Chris Decker, David Slater and George Yarrow, Regulatory Policy Institute, February 2002 (Report)

Selected Earlier Studies and Presentations

The Modernisation of EC Competition Law, Peter Freeman (2000)

The Single-till approach to the price regulation of airports, David Starkie and George Yarrow. (Link to Civil Aviation Authority website: Report)

Ex ante vs. ex post approaches to the regulation of market power, Chris Decker(2000)

Energy and the environment: the institutional framework, Tim Keyworth, George Yarrow

British electricity prices since privatisation, George Yarrow (1992). paper


There are four channels through which the work and views of Institute members and supporters are made available to a wider audience:

Studies in Regulation are more technical papers focused upon particular policy issues, problems or questions, and are akin to a rolling, on-line journal. Inclusion of papers in the series is subject to a standard editorial process.

Essays in Regulation are more varied. They may deal with larger or smaller policy themes and issues, and be of varying lengths from about 2,000 words upwards. The one requirement is that they be written in plain English. As with Studies, there is an editorial process, but with relatively more weight placed on insight and lucidity than on technical merit.

Reports and Seminar/Conference Papers is the channel for publishing the conclusion of in-house research projects and papers given at Institute seminars and conferences. It can also encompass small, edited collections of papers with a common policy focus.

Presentations and Comments has a two-fold purpose. First, to make more generally available the presentations and speeches made by Institute members or supporters at events organised by other institutions. Second, to provide a forum for on-line comment on policy issues of the day.

Submissions for the Studies and Essays series, and for the Comments section, should be sent to karin.cheetham@rpieurope.org

Authors making use of work already published in the Studies and Essays series are asked to make citations in the journal form if possible:

Authors (Year), Title, Studies/Essays in Regulation, Oxford: Regulatory Policy Institute (www.rpi.org.uk)

Other material can be simply cited in the form: Author (Year), Title, Regulatory Policy Institute (www.rpieurope.org)