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The Regulatory Policy Institute (RPI) is an independent, charitable organisation dedicated to the study of regulation and deregulation.
Beesley Lectures
Beesley Lectures XX - 2010

Professor George Yarrow, Chairman, Regulatory Policy Institute, Where next for utility regulation? Lecture - Presentation - Notes on the discussion

Dr Irwin Stelzer, Director of Economic Policy Studies, The Hudson Institute, Broadcasting: Innovation and Regulation. Lecture

Henry Derwent, International Emissions Trading Association, What's wrong with carbon trading?. Presentation

John Fingleton, Chief Executive, Office of Fair Trading, Public restrictions on competition. Speaking notes

Clare Spottiswoode, Government regulation and moral hazard: The implications for financial regulation. Presentation

Andrew Wright, Senior Partner, Markets, Ofgem, Delivering security of supply: How can the market meet Britainís energy needs?. Presentation

Chris Bolt, PPP Arbiter, Regulating a state owned company: Can we create the right incentives?. Presentation

Steve Smith, RPI-X@20. Paper

Beesley Lectures XIX - 2009

David Elstein, Former Chief Executive, Five. What is the role of public service broadcastin in the digital age?. Lecture

Lynne Kiesling, Senior Lecturer, Northwestern University, Illinois, Promoting innovation in the electricity industry

Martin Cave, Director, Centre for Management under Regulation, Warwick Business School. Competition and innovation in the water industry. Martin Cave & Janet Wright article based on the lecture

Peter Freeman, Chairman, Competition Commission. The significance of economic evidence in competition cases. Lecture

Colin Mayer, Peter Moores Dean & Professor of Management Studies, Oxford Said Business School. Financial markets and financeability: recent developments for utility regulation. Lecture

David Newbery, Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge. A nuclear future? UK Governement policy and the role of the market. Presentation

Harry Bush, Group Director, Economic Regulation Group, Civil Aviation Authority. The development of competition in the UK airport market. Lecture

John Kay, Visiting Professor, London School of Economics. Regulating banking as a utility